Smokin’ Log

This little portable smoker was designed and built for the road. It is a wood fired smoker so all you will need is some charcoal and the wood chips of your choice. Small and compact enough to fit easily into any car but still have enough space to make a good meal for 4-6 people with a chamber space of 22 liters. It’s made from 2mm steel with wooden handles for lifting purposes and for operating the smoke box. Side and chimney vents enable you to control the level of smoke and the heat in the chamber and makes it ideal for cold & medium temperature smoking up to 120ºC.  The log is not only great for the outdoors but also for those who may have limited space. You can just as well be smoking trout next to the river or cooking up a wicked batch of ribs on your balcony​.
Use This Smoker For:
Included in Base Model:
  • Cold Smoking
  • Medium Heat Smoking
  • Camping
  • Home and big apartments
  • Small social gatherings
  • Home use
  • Family size : 2 - 8 people
  • Recreational smoking
  • Unit fully Assembled
  • 2 x Mild Steel Grids (420 x 296)
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Drip Trays
  • Heat Thermometer
Optional Extras:
  • Carry Bag
  • Weather Cover
  • Stainless Steel Grids
  • Wood
  • Meat Rubs
  • Cold Smoke Generator
       ( Smokin’ Genie).
Perfect Travel Partner
Ease of use and easy to travel with on vacation of to your favourite picnic spot.
Create your fire easily and conveniently away from the smoker.


Length : 795mm; Width : 366mm; Height : 402mm
Smoking Volume : 21.5 L
Weight : 28.5 Kg
Grid Size:  420mm x 296mm

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